Sunday, November 12, 2006


i went to auntie linda's for a family get together

i went to my aunties and there was all my cousins weell not all but a lot of them and auntiees and uncle's by the way if you have a blog there is a new blogger version it is and you have to create a google account but it works much better than the old one and it's much like the same but a little better and not as much hard GO FLAMES GO!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


flames game with uncle Rob

i had a flames game with uncle Rob it was fun i had a pizza pop AND ICE CREAM (what can i say it was a fun night it went with it perfect)i couldn't eat my pizza my flames mask was bugging me around my lips. (i had a flames mask and an orange big wig i was the only one there with a face have flames and a flames wig, but Don Cherry said i think flames fans are the best in the world (it was on Don Cherry 16) well i was the best flames fan at that game anyway (by the way thanks uncle rob

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


just 2 things

sorry i didn't put a flames jersey on y last post and 2nd thing if uncle Rob looks at my blog before he comes to my place i was going to ask him would you lke to go to the flames game with me i get 2 tickets and 1 is for me and 2nd one is for an adult and my mom and dad are busy and you love the flames so i thought i would ask you thas all i got for now love, Derek.


flames game!!!!!

I get to go to a flames game bacause the nexen company gave are team tickets and i was the first one to ask for a ticket because nobody on the team likes the flames like me so thats why i was the first one so i think he gives us 2 tickets and then Dean takes the team to a game and at the end of the year i think he might shuffle tickets for 1 more game (i hope i get them!) 1 ticket for a parent and 1 ticket for the kid well thats all i got in my brain to say ps. i love the comments you make your's truly, Derek.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Party time

8 Years

Grandma & Me

My gift from auntie Lisa

Chowing Down at Grandma's birthday

Monday, September 25, 2006


new stuff

new stuff is happenning my brother steven made AA adams nose has got better well i think so i can't really tell but anyway i'm kinda sick so i won't be places to much and thats all yours truly, Derek

Saturday, September 16, 2006



sorry i don't leave much comments anymore because i'm busy well anyway sorry.


me and my brothers

me and my brothers i half to tell you steven doesn't really look like a Schraefel oh and sorry about not leaving post 's i was busy anyway back to the story now were was i.................oh yes my brothers are annoying,stupid,mean,hit me but the good thing about them is somtimes they standup for me and that's about all they do to be nice.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


grade 3

my Teacher is nice, my friend's are all happy (including me) yes, yes it's hard to belive i'm in grade 3 but it's true i like to play dodgeball at recess and most fun of all is computer's with Mr.Jeanson
yes it's hard to belive i'm accually having fun AT SCHOOL but hopefully when school pictures come up really soon i think in November and i'll put a picture on my blog!!!

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